Just a day after some teachers were allegedly chased away by some politicians from Kuria during the recruitment of teachers by the TSC in Taranganya Kuria west, a section of leaders from the county had condemned the act calling on the TSC to review the process and do it again to meet the standards required.

Led by East Kanyamakago ward MCA Born Oremo and Muhuru ward MCA Hevron Kilmes Maira the leaders had said that the process was biased and doesn’t meet the standard required constitutionally.

While speaking to the press in Oremo said that the process ought to have been done per Sub County as it was being done before saying that was the only way it will capture every applicant as required.

Oremo showed his disappointment saying that it was disheartening to see teachers travel long distances for such an exercise which can be done locally and they end up being frustrated as was seen taking place in Kuria and some parts of the country including the political class which he said should not be seen taking place.

His sentiments were echoed by Muhuru ward MCA Kilmes Maira who condemned the act calling on the TSC to come out and investigate the matter and had the alleged politicians dealt with in accordance with the law for promoting ethnicity yet Migori County was a cosmopolitan county.

That however came after over 50 teachers who had applied and had gone for recruitment exercise in Taranganya Kuria West Sub County were allegedly chased away by some MCAs from the area saying the area was a marginalized area and such opportunities should be left for the natives a matter which had brought uproars in the county.




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