Former Speaker to get her dues


County Government of Kisumu officials have committed to pay former Kisumu County Assembly Ann Adul a total of Sh. 5.2 million plus application costs within two months.

Appearing before labour court judge Stephen Radido, Assembly Clerk Owen Ojuok, county secretary Geoffrey Kigochi and CeC Finance George Okong’o made written commitments that they will pay in batches.

The County has committed that they will pay Sh. 2.5 million by 3rd of March 2021 and a further Sh. 2.9 million by 19th April 2021.

Justice Radido has set 21st April 2021 as mention of the case to see if the commitments are actualized.

The trio were staring at court penalties for disobeying court orders that were granted to have Adul paid her dues after her false impeachment in 2014.

Adul’s attorney Kennedy Okongo filed a contempt on 4th August 2020 against the three officers for wilfully defying court orders.




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