Hyenas on loose



Residents of Kachieng’ village in Nyatike sub county have decried over rampant hyena attacks and killing of their animals calling on the government through the Kenya Wildlife services to come out and have the hyenas taken away, to address the matter once and for all.

Led by Paul Obiero they said that the invasion of hyenas in the area has been a threat to them,they cannot even keep livestock which the hyenas have been attacking and killing for sometimes now.

While speaking to Dala fm over the matter, Abiero said that despite numerous appeals no action has been taken saying that just last night they lost 4 sheep killed by the hyenas,with some goats and donkeys also killed just last week calling on the KWS to come out and assist them from the predicament they are now going through or they take action for themselves.

Mr.Abiero showed fear that the hyenas might even attack and scare children who are now going to school calling on the government especially the department of KWS to come out and help them manage the threat by taking away the hyenas or they be told the methods they can use to do away with the hyenas in the area for peace among the residents

Rampant cases of wild animals attacks in those areas including the hippos, hyenas among others have been reported in various parts of Migori county in Nyatike, Awendo, Uriri sub counties among other places.




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