I did not receive nay money from Ruto, Father Pesa


Head of Coptic Church in Kisumu Rev Father John Pesa who recently was among church leaders who visited deputy president William Ruto at his Sugoi home said he was being threatened.

Pesa said he was perturbed by the reaction of the people following his visit to the deputy president’s home on the invitation of Eliud Owalo.

He said he got no money from the trip he made to Sugoi, noting that his aim was to pray for the Deputy President, who was a “Hustler” and broke.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu at his Coptic church situated along Kisumu Kakamega road in the outskirts of Kisumu town, Pesa said he had no lust for money and the little he got was used to build his church.

Pesa dared those threatening his life to make good their threat even as he had reported the matter to Kisumu police station.

He said that upon coming back to Kisumu from Sugoi, he had received endless phone calls and messages labeled with threats.

Pesa who was now 72 years old said his church was full yesterday with people streaming in asking him for money.

He said he was ready to pray for any politician in the country not for the exchange of money as being peddled around.

Pesa said some religious leaders are out to destroy his image noting that he was not married unlike other religious leaders who have more than one wife.

He disputed claimed by Nyanza clergy chairman Bishop Ogonyo Ngede that money cannot make one to be a leader in the country.




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