ICT committee to work closely with MCK


The National Assembly Departmental Committee on Information Communication and Technology had promised to strengthen in terms of budgetary allocation to the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) to empower journalists.

A member of the Committee Mark Nyamita said they were working closely with MCK for the betterment of news reporting in the country.

Nyamita said the budgetary support will enable MCK to carry out training programmes among journalists to equip them with relevant skills in reporting different subjects.

Speaking to journalists in Kisumu during a round table meeting organized by MCK, Nyamita hailed the initiative by the regulatory body to open up offices in major tons.

He further called upon journalists to help in shaping the country towards a better Kenya.

Nyamita said corruption cases if given proper coverage will eventually decline in the country.

He said, always, the media should report the bad side of corruption to help young people to keep off.




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