Khetias grand winner


By JOSEPH OJWANG. Kisumu 14th Feb. 2020.

A resident of Manyatta in Kisumu, Justus Ochieng Ochola was the grand winner of a brand new car courtesy of Khetias supermarket in their promotion of chota kuchota na Khetias.

Several other people won motorbikes, fridges, and a trip to Masai Mara, school fees and shopping vouchers.

Ochola was called over phone after his raffle ticket won the car.

He was in his house in Manyatta when he received the good news and dashed to Khetias Kisumu Dala Supermarket located.

Ochola is an employee of Kisumu Museums of Kenya.

He says he has made one attempt to play the raffle ticket until his luck this year.

Speaking in Kisumu to Dala FM, Ochola says Khetias has been his choice and has never shopped at any supermarket since the establishment of Khetias.

He says he is now a household name at the supermarket having been known by the supermarket attendees.

Ochola rallied the people of Kisumu to always shop at Khetias supermarket since they are pocket friendly.




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