Kisumu railway train rob motorists business


Motorists in Kisumu are staring at empty bus terminus as their hope to cash on rush return to the cities after festive season flopped following the introduction of more trains by the Kenya Railways Corporation.

Philip Wamunga, a motorist at the bus park wondered why the number of passengers are dwindling at the terminus this year.

Wamunga said in the previous years, the bus terminus was teaming up with passengers jostling to find vehicles to return them to Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombasa.

“Transport sector is not fetching much this time round, in the past years we had a booming business,” he said.

Wamunga like other motorists are forced to wait for long hours to have their vehicles fill to capacity before they kick off their journey.

They have ruled out hard economic times as the resultant cause for no passengers at the bus terminus.

“Our bus fares are the same, actually we did not increase transport fee, but still no customers,” said Wamunga.

He said the rate at which customers trickle into the bus terminus is sickening but he is hopeful that the situation will change.

However, lack of passengers at the bus terminus has been traced to the introduction of Kisumu Railway line, which started operations in January last year.

The situation was more compounded by the addition of trains running from Nairobi to Kisumu by the Kenya Railways Corporation, so as to accommodate the increased number of passengers going for holidays.

The Corporation added three trains on December 23 and two trains on December 30 and has slotted another train this coming weekend.

John Awuoth, a tout at the bus terminus noted that most passengers had opted to travel to Nakuru and Nairobi by train and onward traveling through Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) to Mombasa.

“The train is reducing our numbers at the bus park, they have taken over our passengers,” he said.

The cost of a train ride to Nairobi is cheaper, costing around Sh. 600 while a bus transport will cost above Sh. 1,000, making it pocket friendly to most families, who travel with a lot of luggage.




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