President Ruto has no interest to create office of Opposition


Nominated MP John Mbadi has dismissed attempts by President William Ruto to create the office of Opposition terming it a political public relations.

Mbadi said the method the president has used to call for the amendment in the Constitution is suspect and unheard of.

“Why write letters to the two Speakers who are members of his Kenya Kwanza government, yet he has the majority in the two houses,” he said.

Mbadi said the President ought to have summoned the House Leadership to ask them to amend the Constitution through a parliamentary initiative.

He said the President has no interest whatsoever in creating the office of the Opposition, entrenching the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in the Constitution and the gender top up.

Mbadi who is a former Minority Leader in the last Assembly said the President is acting smart.

“He wanted to court controversy in which he has succeeded in doing. Now if the whole process collapses, then he will carry his hand up saying he tried,” he said.

The lawmaker explained that what the President did might be setting the stage for a legal ground for people to challenge the validity, constitutionality of amending the Constitution by the president pushing it.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu on Wednesday on the sidelines of the National Assembly Liaison Committee, induction on leadership and governance, Mbadi said the amendment of a Constitution needs the back of Kenyans.

“If we have to amend the Constitution, I don’t think piecemeal amendment is the way to go,” he said.

Mbadi proposes that there is a need to get a bipartisan team, engage them, get legal minds and see which areas need amendment.

He said allowing President Ruto to proceed with the amendment process will set a bad precedent.

“Former President Uhuru Kenyatta initiated a process of amending the Constitution, which was right because he was in his last term. But President Ruto doing it barely five months in office is suspect,” he said.

Mbadi noted that the Kenya Kwanza government should not think that they are creating the Opposition office to appease Raila Odinga.

“Raila Odinga has survived since 2013 when he left office, he doesn’t need that office to be pleased, if it has to be created then it should be for posterity,” he said.

He noted that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) had proposed to create the same office to accommodate number two in a General Election but it was fought by the luminaries in the current government.

Mbadi who is the chairman of Public Accounts Committee further dismissed reports that the country is over borrowing from the multinational institutions.

“It is not that we are over borrowing, it is the use to which we put the borrowed fund that has been really complicated and has compromised our ability to repay,” he said.

He noted that if the government was borrowing and putting into productive use, with no wastage, then the country would not have been in debt.




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