Register for subsidized fertilizers before deadline


Farmers in Kisumu County have been encouraged to register for the government subsidy fertilizers before the deadline mid this month.

The County Commissioner Josephine Ouko said farmers must be ready for the long rains by being enlisted for the fertilizers.

“The government is prepared to offer farmers cheap fertilizers before rains start, so take that opportunity,” she said.

Ouko said the government subsidy on fertilizers makes it cheaper and will give farmers better returns.

“You know that what the government is offering is cheaper as compared to what you buy in the shops,” said Ouko.

The Commissioner said no farmer should be left behind in registering for the fertilizers.

Speaking on Tuesday during a security meeting in Kisumu Nyamasaria, Ouko said the registration is being done by the assistant chiefs, the lowest level where each farmer should be captured.

Ouko said the registration process comes to an end by 17th this month and any farmer who shall not have been registered will be locked out from the subsidy.

She said the food production in the country will be scaled up by farmers who are actively engaged in farming.

“Walk into a store, fertilizer is being sold at around Sh. 7,000 but the government is offering cheaper prices, to give farmers that opportunity to plant more,” she said.

Ouko further noted that it is through farming that most young people will be engaged as opposed to crime that has soared in the area in the recent past.

Locals decried insecurity in the area resulting in deaths and injuries due to attacks by marauding gangs in Kisumu East.




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