Residents of Magwar Village in Randago sub-location within Alego/Usonga sub-county protested over KSH.25,000 demanded from them by some KPLC officers  in order to get the last mile connectivity. Led by Kevin Ochieng Owino, The residents stated that before the project was started in the area, they were told that 50 homesteads were to be given electricity for free through the last mile connectivity but unfortunately after installing all the transformers and poles in the area they were asked to pay ksh.25,000 for the looping and metre generation.

Protesting at Rock area, the residents noted that the installation was done two years back and till now no looping had been done because due to their poverty levels they could not afford to raise the amount needed by the officers from KPLC.

Adding that they were threatened by the officers that failure to pay they will take back the transformers, citing that they had tried reaching the area MP’s office but all were in vain.

At the same time, they stated that in the installation process there were some wires that were left hanging and thas poses threat unto the lives of the public especially the children in the area. There was also the issue of insecurity and online learning was hampered too.

While contacted for Comments, Personal Assistant of the area MP George Adeya, noted that they were aware that the project of last mile connectivity had stalled in the sub-county however the issue of fund soliciting from the residents was totally a new thing to them.

Adding that the reason given to them as an office by the authorities
dealing with the project was that it had problems with the procurement
and supply process and that’s why they took so long to complete the




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