Traders receive solar lamps


Close to 90 women traders in Railways Ward received solar lamps to boost their trading time.

Railways Ward MCA Pst. David Arao said the solar lamps are part of some necessities that the county government has been giving the people of Obunga.

Arao said the lamps will aid the women to continue with their businesses even at sunset.

The MCA said BBI proposal of the 35 percent revenue to the counties will be adequate to address some of the challenges faced by women traders.

He said the project was factored in the county budget to help women traders to go past darkness while selling their wares.

Speaking to the press after distributing the solar lamps, Arao said the number of women traders who missed was overwhelming and promised to ensure more solar lamps are given out.

The MCA said the overwhelming number is an indication that traders are undergoing a lot of challenges while carrying out their businesses.

Arao said traders in all the markets falling within the ward were selected for the distribution of the solar lamps.




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